At PMJ Capital, we’re passionate about partnering with North West property developers and professionals, giving them access to finance to get their projects off the ground and address the chronic undersupply of good quality housing.

We deliver property finance that is fast, straightforward and trusted. By seeing developers as people, not transactions, and by putting our trust in them, we share the rewards of every successful project.

We want to pass on these opportunities to investors like you, because we all have a stake in building a better future.

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    David Rainford

    Managing Director

    “The UK housing market needs support, and together we can all be part of the solution investing in property lending would give many investors more consistent returns at higher rates than other asset classes, and without the volatility. There is also potential to claim useful tax incentives.”

    Direct Property Lending

    We work with property developers, property professionals and entrepreneurs who need tailor-made short-term funding for their projects.

    We give them the funding that they need and in return we receive interest on the loan.

    We then pass on these returns to our investors in the form of investment returns.

    We give investors two property lending options to choose from:

    1. Co lending alongside us on specific projects

    2. Direct lending in property development projects we find for our investors.

    What our clients say about us

    “PMJ has been there since the start and are a key part of our growth strategy. Without them we wouldn’t have had the tremendous success that we have enjoyed over the past four years.”


    Rob Lloyd,

    “Working with PMJ has been a breath of fresh air. They took a commercial and pragmatic approach throughout to get the deal across the line.”



    Steve Price,
    Cheshire Taverns
    Retirement Benefit Scheme

    “PMJ has backed us since the start.  We see them as a ‘key partner’ in the success of our business. They are always on hand to support and more importantly, are able to make the right decisions when we need them.”


    Kevin Murphy,
    KMM Homes

    “We see PMJ as a key part of our team, they provide a real partnership approach to development funding, completely simplifying the process.”



    Scott Ashall,
    Lane End

    Damian Ainsley

    Investment Director

    With over 20 years in equity markets and real estate investments, Damian specialises in providing access to UK private credit investments to UHNW investors through Wealth Managers and Family Offices. With a proven track-record, Damian is passionate about supporting the region’s property market and creating value for all stakeholders.

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    Fill the form for more information on this investment and a FREE copy of our Guide to Private Lending.

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